square Lawn Maintenance

We are one of the leading lawn and landscape maintenance companies serving the Middle Georgia Area. We offer year-round lawn maintenance service. One of the things you'll notice with MGTS is the amount of service you will receive at a fraction of the cost from other companies. Our company is not in the business of mow, blow, go. We are in the business of creating environments. Listed below are the services you will receive.

During the high-growth season (March-November) you will get:

• Weekly lawn mowing
• Weekly blowing of all hardscape areas
• Edging of all hard surface
• Removal of yard debris fallen into the lawn as needed
• Weed control (both manual and chemical) in all bed areas
• Shrub trimming as needed

During the slow-growth season (December-February) you will get:

• Two visits per month
• Mowing at least once per month
• Blowing of all hardscape areas every visit
• Weed control (both manual and chemical) in all bed areas

square Landscape Design/Installation

Our staff is trained in landscape design and can offer any environment that fits within your budget. The installation team has a combined experience of 20 years in landscape installation.

square Landscape Irrigation

Our staff is trained in all aspects of landscape irrigation. Our irrigation installation team not only will install the system, but show you how to operate the system. We will utilize all heads to their fullest extent, not installing heads that are not needed. We also ensure that the heads are doing their jobs and not over-watering. Our systems come with a two- year warranty that covers the products. It does not cover negligence or extreme weather mishaps.

square Weed Control/Fertilization

At MGTS, we use the best products on the market to ensure that you receive the quality lawn that you desire. Our products are backed by LESCO, one of the nations leading turf product company. We offer a program that will fit all of your lawn needs. Our basic service starts with six applications a year that covers your weed control and fertilization. With this basic program; you are able to have FREE service calls with any weeds that may just not respond to the products that are used.